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How Does This Work?


Once your product or service has been delivered
to your customer you or your company’s rep–
resentative will invoice the customer and provide MarcFunding with that information. Once we have verified the receipt of goods or service to that customer’s satisfaction we will advance payment of the invoice at the pre-determined percentage advanced rate.

When your customer pays the invoice directly to MarcFunding, we will recoup the original advance, retain a small fee and remit the remaining balance to you.


Here’s an example of how this would work:

Let’s say you manufacture dining room chairs for restaurants. Your company has just delivered 50 chairs to Janice’s Ice Cream Heaven. The invoice comes to $3000. Janice’s has a number of restaurants and is planning to open more and they are good customers who will probably continue to grow and buy from you in the future if you are able to parallel their growth. You have sold to them before and they usually pay within 60 days.

Unfortunately, you have bills to be paid. Fortunately you have other customers who have placed orders. Unfortunately you do not have the funds to purchase the raw materials to make new chairs; compound this with the fact that your supplier will give a discount if you pay your bill COD. You now have a cash flow problem. What to do?

Submit the invoice to MarcFunding. If our company has already established the soundness of your customer you will be sent your advance within 24 hours from when the chairs are received to your customer's satisfaction.

Upon receipt by MarcFunding of the final payment from your customer, we will retain our fee (related to the time when full payment was received by us multiplied by the predetermined percentage rate) and remit the remainder to you. This is referred to as your “rebate.”



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