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Getting Started


Step #1: Either complete the application found on this website and click “submit” or, download and mail, e-mail or fax it.

Step #2: MarcFunding will assess your application and make an initial determination as to whether we could help your company.

Step #3: If additional information is needed we will follow-up with a phone call to discuss your situation.

Step #4: MarcFunding will then determine the soundness of your customers through a check of their credit and payment history. Your customers will not be contacted at this point.

Step #5: Depending upon your location, documents will either be sent to you along with a follow-up call or hand-delivered and discussed in-person. All documents will be fully explained and all your questions will be answered to your satisfaction. Among others, these documents will include Assignment of Payment forms which will direct your customers to pay invoices directly to MarcFunding who will be managing your receivables for you so that you can better serve them.

Step #6: A credit limit and advance level will be assigned to your company as well as a login ID and password to your account at our website.

Step #7: When you have an invoice you would like to have factored, you’ll login to our website and enter that data anytime day or night.

Step #8: MarcFunding will then contact your customer in order to verify that goods/services have been received and that the customer is satisfied. This will not only show your customer that your company cares about them but will give rise to any “red flags” that may impede timely payment.

Step #9: You will then receive your advance.

Step #10: Once we receive payment in full from your customer, we will remove our fee and remit to you your “rebate”.


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