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Why would you even consider me as a client when my bank has already turned down my loan request?

A bank is interested in your credit rating, how long you’ve been in business, the strength of your financials and what collateral you have.

MarcFunding is more interested in the integrity of your company, the strength of your management, the clarity of your vision, the quality of your product and, especially, the soundness of your customers.

What do you mean, “The soundness of my customers”.

MarcFunding is not a collection agency. We consider purchase of invoices from your customers with good payment histories who need to pay over reasonable periods of time. Ideally this would be 2 weeks to 60 days. We will also consider for purchase any prospective customers with whom you have not yet done business and therefore have no payment history with your company. Our research department will determine the credit worthiness of your present and prospective customers. During this time, your customers will not be contacted. You will be made aware of any customers we feel might present a problem for payment. Frankly, these will probably be customers we will not factor and, may be customers you should do business with on a COD basis.

What are your terms?

We will review your application to determine what your credit limit, fee and advance amount will be. Once a successful history with us is established, we will gradually increase your credit limit.

What do you mean by a “verified invoice”?

Once we receive the invoice information from you we will contact your customer to confirm delivery and customer’s satisfaction. This is good customer relations showing that you care about your customer and the quality of your work. It also serves as a first warning of any problems which may result in extended delay of payment due to dissatisfaction or “lost” invoices.

What’s the maximum credit limit?

MarcFunding would like to be with you every step of the way to your ultimate goal in business whatever that may be however, there may come a time that you are either satisfied with the level you have reached or your needs out grow our ability to assist you. At this point we will not rest until we find you a larger factor who can serve you.



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