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Benefits of Factoring


• MarcFunding will research the soundness of your customers which could result in an early “red flag” for any customer you may wish to avoid.

• Since what we offer is not a loan, no entry on your credit report will be made and, therefore, any dealings you have with future bank requests will not be impacted.

• Our company will manage the receivables of any invoice that has been purchased by us. This will free-up your time to be spent on more pleasurable aspects of your business.

• Factoring fees are a tax-deductible expense.

• When your invoices are purchased by MarcFunding, the guesswork and, for that matter, the anxiety is taken out of the equation as to when you will be paid since the bulk of your payment will be received within 24 hours from when we verify the invoice.

• These funds can now be used to pay bills, taxes, payroll, and commissions and to take advantage of any discounts suppliers may give for large orders and COD payments.

• Predictable and steady cash flow means better planning for present purchases of equipment, payment of operating expenses, taxes and/or development of marketing campaigns.

• Your operating expenses can be paid on-time and your company may even be able to take advantage of 2% /10 days or COD discounts suppliers often give (thus reducing the cost of factoring).

• Cash flow is consistent and not subject to the usual uncertainty of the “ebb-and-flow” pattern of remittance receipt.

Consistent cash flow= consistent planning= SUCCESS


How Does This Work?

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