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When the gap between delivery of goods and receipt of payment feels like an eternity, especially when expenses such as payroll, taxes and operating fees must be paid, cash flow could be a determining point as to whether a business will “make it” or not.


Welcome To MarcFunding, LLC.

MarcFunding, LLC. can help bridge that gap by advancing your company, within 24 hours, the greater percentage of payment through our program of Accounts Receivable Purchase or “Factoring”.

Are your monthly invoices below $10,000?
No problem. MarcFunding will purchase them.

Is your credit history less than stellar?
No problem. MarcFunding will purchase invoices meant for your
sound customers.

Has the bank turned-down your loan request?
(Perhaps your business is new without a long history of financials) No problem. MarcFunding will work with you to provide for your consistent cash flow.


There are no monthly minimiums,
and no long term contracts.


Why MarcFunding?

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